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Taking a moment after a shoot is complete with Arlene, Greg’s assistant and fiancé.

What has helped Greg Larry develop his skills for operating the video camera is his background in journalism. Before landing his current job as a staff-writer for the Cumberland Times-News, Greg spent 4 years as a full-time video-journalist for the Hampshire Review, a newspaper based in Romney, WV. While at the publication, he produced over 350 videos for the newspaper’s website. He covered emergencies, governmental affairs, trials, sports, feature stories and more. Meeting the deadlines placed upon him by the paper helped Greg to develop into a self-reliant full service videographer.

He would research the stories, film them, upload the footage to his computer, and edit the video as well as adding voice-overs and/or music to complete the video.

In addition to his field experience, the Hampshire Review sent Greg to multiple seminars at WVU where he received intensive training from some of the top videographers in the region like Charleston Gazette videographer, and now a WVU professor Mary Kay McFarland and nationally renowned photojournalist Bill Kuykendall.

After people in the community began to see Greg’s work, it wasn’t long before he began to receive offers to do weddings and other private functions. With the paper’s blessing, he accepted and began filming wedding videos and other private events.

Greg Larry’s filming style is achieved by the usage of multiple cameras. He utilizes tripod stands, unless the situation calls for another method. This allows the viewer to enjoy a steady and carefully shot video from multiple angles. Greg normally films with an assistant who will also take some still photos to be incorporated into the video. With a background in music, he also takes time to add music to his finished products.

“I’m a firm believer in the use of multiple cameras. Nothing can liven up a video more than having two or more angles to watch from. I also like to use tripod stands whenever possible. Shaky shots should always be avoided. You really have to think ahead. You need to anticipate where you will need to be. I also like to do a lot of close-in shots; having a constant view that is distant makes for bad video. Good audio quality is also important. I make sure I have the right microphone for the environment I’m working in. Filming is a passion for me. Making someone a great video at such an important time in their lives is an honor.”

Another bonus of Greg’s work is his interaction with guests. If desired, he will chat with those in attendance and get them to offer ‘well-wishes’ for the newlyweds. This has become popular with customers and adds a lively and timeless mix to the production.

To view Greg’s work, you can log onto YouTube and search for the Hampshire Review. Once on the Hampshire Review’s YouTube Channel, you can find videos done by Greg. By producing over 350 videos for the paper, he made the vast majority of the videos that still appear on the website. He can also supply references from the many weddings he has already done and/or send free sample DVD’s of his work.

Greg makes his home in Cumberland, MD. He can be reached at 301-722-8354 or email him at greglarry@atlanticbb.net

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